Monday, March 11, 2019


Hi Guys Presenting You Epic Rom Miui10 For Coolpad Note 3/Lite/Plus.

It was Based On Miuipro with Full of Customization and Improved Performence With Epic Tweaks...
Ported From Redmi Note 4 mtk(Nikel) and edited with Apk Decompilation Tool...

MiuiPro Features like Round Screen Gestures Animation Many More.
Epic Rom Tweaks &Mods Added(Recentpanel Music control,Extended Power Menu)
New Logo and Images
Volte Symbol Replaced With HD
Plenty Of Gboard Themes added 
Epic Rom Init.D Added For Better Battery &Performence 
Added Ram Swap In Boot.img For Better Ram Management 
Epic Rom Bootanimation Added 
Poco Theme And Latest Poco Launcher Pre-Installed
Many More ....

Quick Ball
Wallpaper Carousel
Offline charging 
Hi-Fi Support Added
Headphone & Audio Effect
Better Sound Quality
Safety Net
Unrooted Rom 
Battery mAh
Init.d Tweaks
Spectrum Support Added
0 Brightness Fixed
Call Recording 
Almost Everything

Fm loud Volume 
Selfie Miror


Porting Script
Call Recording Fix
Offline charging (if not working )
Cpn3-Wipe Everything (Except Sd card)-Flash Rom with Porting Script -Reboot-After first Boot of Rom flash Patch and After applying patch Drain Your Battery To 0% And Charge it to 100% 👍

Cpn3l- Wipe Everything (Except Sd card)-Flash Rom & Reboot -After first Boot of Rom flash Patch and After applying patch Drain Your Battery To 0% And Charge it to 100%👍

Cpn3P - Wipe Everything (Except Sd card)-Flash Rom with Porting Script -Reboot-After first Boot of Rom flash Patch and After applying patch Drain Your Battery To 0% And Charge it to 100% 👍

Rock Roc
Team Mad
Epic Miui Yeam
MiuiPro Team
Uday Hedge
Akki Pathak
Abhishek Singh
Me(Debnarayan Sain)


  1. Congrats Deb. Please add some screenshots and speciality of this ROM.... thanks

  2. i can't use mpl on any roms will it work in this it says playing on emulator is blocked

  3. Bro... For Google Pay... Installed and logged into app was successful but When I try to restore bank.. it's saying Error :" insert Sim card to register" I tried different ways but I failed to restore bank.
    Would you please help me to fix the issue... I flashed with EPIC ROM. Now I am getting this issue... Otherwise this ROM is working smoothly.

  4. So far identified issues...
    1 . Charging taking too much time
    2. Charging Indicator light still glowing even the screen is on.
    3. Phone is not charging if it's switched off. It's just continuously trying to reboot and MI logo appearing and going back.
    4. Light indication not working for notifications in screen off mode.

    Hope you would fix these issues in coming patch....

    Waiting for the patch....

  5. Another issue : call not recording properly... Pitch changing... It's like ghost voice...

  6. If the patch is flashed, hope, all problems will be solved. Why the patch file is not coming??? Please upload the patch file.

  7. Great...Deb. we will try this ROM. Please upload some screenshots. You mentioned Swap ROM. Whether this works without rooting. If so, this must be the best ROM.... thanks

  8. After flashing and applying patch...

    Noticed issues :

    1. Led notification is not working for new notifications & it's still glowing in charging though screen is on.

    2. MI account sign in error : couldn't check device security info. An server error occured try again.

    3. In device info it showing 4100 mAh and MTK helio20 processor.

    4. Google pay insert sim card error

    So far these are found issues with new flash of epic rom with patches.

    Hope I would get a response from the author of this post.

    Thank you.

  9. There are 4 serious issues after using this custom rom about a week...

    1. MI account not signing up..

    2. Brightness going to 0. Sometimes we see blank screen it won't wake up though we press any key.

    3. Ringing sound is very low . Almost nil...

    4. VoLTE not working if we turn off data.

    If you fix these issues.. Then it would be great ROM for coolpad note 3.

    1. Bro.. Whether Swap RAM is working

    2. Mr. Ram could you please send some Screen shots

  10. Dear Deb...You have mentionmed as "Added Ram Swap In Boot.img For Better Ram Management". How is its performance. You are taking so much trouble of developing good ROMs for CPN3/L. But you are not responding...We will be happy if you respond.....Thans Bro

  11. Coolpad cool 3 with Android Pie has arrived. Any possibility to port this ROM for Coolpad note 3/lite

  12. How can I root this rom (Magisk)

  13. How much time taking for first boot. In my case boot stuck ,. Help or suggests me.. Im trying 2 time full wipe .. N also waiting 30min for fist boot .. But rom stuck

  14. Bro, You know any rom for Coolpad note 3 lite that supports Volte for Airtel sim. All volte rom supports only Jio Volte.