Wednesday, February 20, 2019

All About Miui Roms

Hi Guys I know That There are plenty Of Users who have Many inquiry's about Miui

So Today I will Explain You Whole Thing About Miui Roms..which is comes from various Sites ...So it will Be Difficult For Us To Choose Which Rom Is Best For Performance ,For Battery Backup Etc..

Global Rom

So First Of all I will Shortly Discuss About Miui Global Rom By Global Devs who is The main Developers Of Miui .Its Basically Compiled From Source And than Language Transaction Will Be done and also it was Comes with Gapps.It has To Version First One is Beta and Second One is Stable .

China Rom

China Rom is made by China Devs which has Many features than Global Rom ..It has Not Comes With Google Services (gapps).You have to Install It with gapps Installer ..It has  comes with Many Chinese Bloatwares ..It has 2 Builds Stable &Beta.

MiuiPro Rom

It was Based on China Beta/Stable Builds... which is Purely Modified and Customized By MiuiPro Devs ..It has Comes With Google Services with No Bloatwares.

MiuiEu Rom

It Was  an Multilanguage Rom With Many languages pre-added..It was based On China Beta/Stable Build..But it has Not any  Chinese Bloatwares. It has Comes With Google Services.

Revolution Os Miui

 It was Based on Global Beta/Stable Builds... which is Purely Modified and Customized by Revolution os Developers .They have used MiuiPro mods and also they added many more Features for Better Performance ...

Miui Room Rom

It was Based on Global /China Builds...It was made By Russian Devs ..And aslo They have used some miuipro Mods ..It has Very Smooth And Stable ..It has Comes with Google Services .

*I will attach a list For more Information About This Miui Projects 

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  1. Very Good information. Thanks for educating the people...

  2. Dear Deb, please develop some Oreo ROM with Volte. That would be GREAT. I have used your recent Miui 10.1, 10.2, Mix ROMs. All are same. Also try for for face unlock in one of the ROMs. Thanks in advance.

    1. It is not possible to get volte in Android 7.0+ ROMS because of kernel.
      It can only be possible if Coolpad release a rom with Android 7 or 8 update which is not possible by shitpad. So don't expect volte in Android 7+ roms.
      Face unlock in miuipro roms are officially removed by miuipro devs because it is causing system ui crash.
      You can try mad os oreo. I know it is not stable for daily use but hey at least we have oreo ROM.

  3. Thanks for detailed reply with full explanation.... keep it up bro.

  4. Dear Deb, I am using your MIUIPRO Mix ROM. You used security patch of November, 2018. Can we flash recent security patch (January, 2019) like this for our existing ROMs.....please explain.

  5. Deb Bro....Any new ROM for Coolpad note 3??? Dil Manage More😃