Wednesday, August 22, 2018


Hi Guys Presenting You MiuiPro v8.8.16 for Coolpad Note 3 /Lite/Plus
Ported From ht16pro(Main Source Redmi Note 4 Mtk)
*It's a MiuiPro Rom with Lots Of Customization ๐Ÿ˜Š
Miui10 Features
With Some New Gesture
Latest Security Patch
Others (I Don't Remember๐Ÿ˜…)

Camera (13,5)
Notification light
Tez Working

Battery Mah Corrected 
0 Brightness Bug Fixed 
Fast Charging 
Init.D  added
Low Sound Fixed Completely
Better Camera Quality
Network Speed Tweaks Added
Better Battery Backup
Call Recording Fixed Partially
Offline Charging
Wallpaper Carousel
Almost Everything ๐Ÿ˜€
Selfie Mirror
FM loud Volume

Rom (Click On Rom)
Porting Script (Click On Porting Script)
Patch  (Click On Patch)
Call Recording Fix (Click On Call Recording Fix)
Wallpaper Carousel Fix (Click On Wallpaper Carousel Fix )
CPN3- Wipe Everything (Expect Sd Card)-Flash Rom With Porting Script-Reboot-After First Boot Of Rom Flash Patch(It will fix 0 Brightness)
CPN3L-Wipe Everything (Expect Sd Card)-Flash Rom -Reboot-After First Boot Of Rom Flash Patch(It will fix 0 Brightness)
CPN3P-Wipe Everything (Expect Sd Card)-Flash Rom With Porting Script-Reboot-After First Boot Of Rom Flash Patch(It will fix 0 Brightness)
#Flash Call Recording Fix If u Want (Flash It After Setup Mi Account)
Rock Roc❤
His Team
Team Mad
Me(Debnarayan Sain)

Installation and Overview Video:


  1. How to active face unlock in miui 10

    1. U Cannot Enable Face Unlock In Miui10 For Now...But In Future It Will Be Fixed

  2. MIUI 10 Pro or MIUI 10 Global,
    Which one is better...?

  3. Hello Deb,
    Can you look into Random reboot, offline charging on this rom once again?

    1. Random Reboot Fix Boot.img Added Inbuilt...And Offline Charging Working Fine Turn On USB Debugging

    2. @Deb, it is an amazing rom you have ported till yet. Big fan of your porting. Thanks man!!!

  4. how long does it take to full charge..?? and one more doubt i have.. i am on miui pro 8.5.14 right now.. actually, my fingerprint panel is broken and i dont see the fingerprint settings anywhere, so i cant set up and unlock using fp but why can't I even add pattern lock..?? when i try to setup pattern lock, it freezes when i confirm second time..3rd party apps also let me phone is now not secure at some extent cozz luckily app lock is working fine..
    I thought I might have made mistake somewhere. So, I came from very beginning... wiped everything. flashed lollipop stock rom using sp flash tool in which pattern lock was working fine, then flashed marshmallow(pattern lock didn't work), rooted it and then again flashed miuipro9(again pattern lock didnt work). Now what should I do in order to regain pattern lock.. I am downloading this now...just tell me the procedure how to flash it so that I wont lose pattern lock...i just want pattern lock me...anybody..???

  5. in miui 10 8.8.16 offline chargeing not working in cpn3l
    plz help

  6. Great rom sir but when I put in power off charging it is reboot again and again sir please fix it and I am on developer mode also and click usb debugging but still same problem please fix it sir please

  7. How To Setup Mi Account Bro You Skipped Can You Pls Help Me PLease

  8. IAM installed this rom on cpn3 How to remove Chinese language in mi theme app help me