Sunday, July 15, 2018

Starting with Android Studio Part-I

Hello friends welcome to Tech Punch.
In this blog we will learn about android studio. Hope you have installed android studio successfully.
Lets start for creating new android project.
  • When you will open android studio welcome window will appear.
    From that window click Start a new Android Studio project.
    If recent project is opened then select File->New Project
    • After clicking on New Project one window will appear.
      Type name for your application in Application name.
    • There will be default name My Application change it to what you want your app name.

    •  Select location to store file or leave as default.
    • Click Next button.
    • Target Android Devices window will appear.

        • Select factor for what you want to create app.
        • Select Minimum SDK.
        • Click on Next button.

      • Add an Activity to Mobile window will appear

      • Select Empty Activity or if you want to change you may change which you want.
      • Click Next button.
      • Customize the Activity Screen will appear.

      •  Change Activity Name or keep it as default.
      • click Finish button.
      • wait till project get build properly.

    • All done…..Now you can start with code.
      For more check starting with android studio part 2.

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