Tuesday, July 17, 2018

[ROM] [FINAL] [UNOFFICIAL] CrDroidAndroid v3.8.8 for Coolpad Note 3 Lite [N] [7.1.2]

crDroid will always mainly be based on CyanogenMod with some extra and few features (Cool and useful) 

Feature Highlights:
Status Bar
  • Status Bar icons toggle (including NFC and Roaming icon toggles)
  • Clock & date customizations
  • Carrier label customizations
  • Network Traffic customizations
  • Customization for weather info in statusbar
  • Data activity toggles
  • Battery image and percentage toggle
  • BT battery toggle
  • Battery Bar customizations
  • Custom logo customizations
  • Tap to sleep toggle
  • Brightness gesture control
  • Quick Pulldown customizations
  • Smart Pulldown customizations
  • Ticker customizations
    Quick Settings
  • Custom header customizations
  • BT battery toggle
  • Weather tile customizations
  • Quick scroller for small QS tiles
  • Rows/columns configuration
  • Brightness slider configuration
  • Vibrate on touch toggle
  • Additional tiles: Sync, Caffeine, Ambient notifications, Always On display, Sound, Volume, Compass, USB Tethering, Music, Expanded Desktop, PIP, Weather, Reboot/Recovery/Power Off, HW keys
    Lock Screen
  • Customization for weather on lockscreen
  • Visualization toggle
  • Media cover art toggle
  • Battery info toggle
  • Face auto unlock for recognized trusted faces
  • Tap to sleep toggle
  • Notifications customizations
  • Toggle to access power menu and quick settings on secured lock screen
  • Fingerprint authentication vibration toggle
    Recents Screen
  • Icon pack support
  • Immersive recents toggle
  • Memory bar toggle
  • Clear All FAB button customizations
  • Misc buttons toggle
  • Deep clear
  • Slim recents customizations
  • Navigation bar toggle
  • Stock navbar customizations
  • DUI Smartbar customizations
  • DUI Fling customizations
  • Navbar height customizations
  • Dynamic Navbar toggle
  • Pulse customizations - Music visualization for smart bar
  • Disable navigation HW keys
  • Backlight toggle and timeout settings
  • Accidental touch prevention for navigation HW keys
  • HW button mapping
  • Advanced reboot toggle
  • Power menu customizations
  • End call with power button
  • Long press power button for torch
  • Kill app with back button
  • Wake device with HW non-capacitive button
  • Control playback with volume buttons
  • Keyboard cursor control with volume buttons
  • Swap volume keys on orientation change
  • Additional button settings for device specific customization
    User Interface
  • Ambient display customizations
  • Ambient music ticker customizations
  • Color styles - switching between light dark and accent themes
  • Font customizations
  • Expanded Desktop customizations
  • Gesture settings
  • Swipe notifications with back-mounted FP sensor
  • Screen off animations
  • Custom animations for system, toast, QS tiles, list view
  • Android P animation toggle
  • Toggle to disable animations
  • Scrolling cache toggle
  • Power notification controls
  • Force expanded notifications toggle
  • LED customizations for notifications and battery
  • Suppress notification sound when no media is playing and/or screen is on
  • Screenshot sound toggle
  • Live volume steps customization
  • Ad Away
  • Pocket detection - prevents device interaction when inside pocket
  • Suspend actions
  • Wakelock blocker
  • Alarm blocker
  • Show CPU info overlay
  • Media Scanner boot behavior customization
  • Auto USB mode chooser customization
  • Three finger swipe for screenshot toggle
  • Partial screenshot via volume key toggle
  • Toast icon toggle
    LineageOS Additional Features
  • Burnt-in protection
  • Livedisplay support
  • Privacy guard with native superuser
  • Increasing ringtone feature
  • Unlinked notification sound
  • Per app data / wifi toggle

Whats Working:-
  • Everything

Whats Not Working:-
  • Volte
  • Video Recording (Use Footej App)

  • Security Patch Updated 5 June 2018
  • Stability Improvement
  • Emojis Updated to Oreo

Note: If you get no sims then just toggle airplane mode

Instructions to Flash

  • Download the Rom and keep it in your SD Card
  • Wipe Data, System, Cache & Dalvik
  • Flash Rom & Gapps
  • Flash Magisk (Optional for Rooting)
  • Reboot & Enjoy

Youtube Video for Installation and Overview:

Shubham Patil
Mohan CM
Team CrDroid
Source Code:- https://github.com/crdroidandroid

ROM OS Version: 7.x Nougat
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.x
ROM Firmware Required: TWRP
Based On: LineageOs

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: 3.8.8

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